Miss Whale Yogi: Pregnant Actress Amazing Yoga Routine Grips Spain

This is the incredible yoga routine a popular actress – who jokingly refers to herself as “Miss Whale Yogi” – maintains despite being only days away from giving birth to her second child.

Patricia Montero

Spanish star Patricia Montero, 30, is seen performing a routine which would be beyond most people even without the handicap of being 38 weeks’ pregnant.

At one point she is seen sitting on a mat, with both legs outstretched in the air and holding onto both feet – with only her bottom touching the ground.

Montero is also seen standing up on one leg while holding the other high above her waist, and also holding onto her huge bump while sitting cross-legged on the floor.

The video was shot by her partner Alex Adrover, also an actor, with whom she already has a three-year-old daughter, Elisa.

Montero shared it with her 463,000 followers in Instagram with the message: “Miss Whale Yogi, wishing you a beautiful Sunday.”

She added: “The lines change, you feel yourself heavier, you don’t have the same agility, you have to find a new centre of gravity.

“But there is something that does not change in yoga during pregnancy, that is the connection with what is inside of you.”

She told local media that yoga while pregnant was healthy for mums-to-be and their unborn babies so long as it was performed responsibly and with a doctor’s approval.

The couple’s second daughter, Layla, after the Eric Clapton song, is due any day now. They are currently staying with family in the resort city of Marbella in southern Spain’s province of Malaga in the Andalusia region.

Patricia Montero;

They decided to delay their wedding for the pregnancy which is now unlikely to take place this year.

Montero said: “I want to enjoy this beautiful moment of the maternity. If nothing changes and we do not decide to have another child, the wedding will be next year.

“I have already told Alex that he should propose to me again, but he told me that now it is my turn.”

They announced their engagement in November 2017, after they had been together 10 years, after Adrover reportedly proposed underwater.

Montero is a popular actress best known for the comedy crime TV series Los Hombres de Paco (Paco’s Men) and she has also appeared on Celebrity MasterChef in Spain.

She was a promising gymnast and acrobatic dancer as a child, and opened a dance school with her sister Laura in the south-eastern city of Valencia which is still run by the family.