Boy Rescued From Drain Pipe

This is the moment firefighters use an electric saw to free a seven-year-old boy stuck in a narrow drain pipe.

Pic shows: The stuck toddler being rescued from the pipe by the firemen.
SPAIN: This is the moment of the rescue of a boy who fell into a drainage pipe two meters deep.

The case comes just weeks after two-year-old Julen Rosello was found dead inside a similar hole in Malaga province when authorities spent 13 days trying to reach to his body.

The latest scenes were recorded by firefighters in El Albujon, near Cartagena, in the south-eastern Spanish region of Murcia after the youngster, who has not been named in reports, got stuck in the drain pipe as he was playing.

Local media report the emergency services were called as the boy could not get out of the pipe and they then worked to confirm the youngster was still conscious.

In the video, the boy’s head can be seen in the pipe before firefighters use an electric saw to cut a section of the pipe away.

Drain Pipe Rescue

The firemen then work to lift the youngster to safety as onlookers clap.

Local media report that firefighters and paramedics confirmed that the boy had not been injured but he was taken to a nearby hospital for observation.

A report from the hospital said the boy had not been injured after falling into the pipe which is two metres (6.5 feet) deep and 45 centimetres (17 inches) wide.

The boy’s family have not reported the case to the authorities but the Spanish Civil Guard will send the case to a judge to be investigated, according to reports.