Gang Knife Brawl In Lavapies

This is the shocking moment an

Moment of the fight;

Arab man fights with a huge blade in each hand and knives fly through the air as suspected members of two rival drug clans clash in the centre of the Spanish capital.

According to reports, at least a dozen young men were involved in the street brawl in front of a bar in the historic neighbourhood of Lavapies in the centre of Madrid.

Reports described the blade-wielding knifeman as being of “Arab” origin who was at the centre of the clash between rival gang members. In the footage, he can be seen dual-wielding large blades, swinging them at anyone who comes near him.

And dozens of other youths are seen brawling and throwing knives, bottles and wheelie bins at each other.

A man wearing black swings the knives at rivals around him.

At one point, one youth runs up to the double knife-wielding man and throws an object that was reportedly a blade at his body.

Machete Brawl

Two teenage girls taking cover in a doorway are seen fleeing from the scene as the fight intensifies.

According to local media, mass fights in the area are increasingly frequent and are reported to be between rival drug gangs.

Netizen ‘Ruth Murias’ said: “This is 10 minutes walking distance from Puerta del Sol. Drugs are sold there in broad daylight, right in front of the police.”

One resident told local media: “It is not the first time that something like this has happened in the area.”

The National Police have carried out a raid at one residence, but reports did not mention whether any arrests were made.

It is unknown whether anyone was injured during the mass brawl.