Spanish Celeb Kiko´s girlfriend has miscarriage on Reality TV Show

A Big Brother spin-off contestant who did not know she was pregnant after apparently having sex with her boyfriend in the house has suffered a miscarriage while on the show.

Irene Rosales

Irene Rosales, 27, and her husband Kiko Rivera, 34, a DJ and the son of a famous singer, are both contestants on ‘Gran Hermano Duo’, a Spanish spin-off of the Big Brother reality TV show.

Irene left the show and had to be rushed to hospital after complaining of severe cramps in her abdomen and kidneys.

Doctors diagnosed her as having suffered a miscarriage of a baby which she had not even known she was expecting.

After returning to the show, which is filmed 24 hours a day, she confirmed: “I was about two weeks pregnant and suffered a miscarriage.”

As the show started on 8th January and the pair have been in the house since then, local media have said that the baby was conceived on the show and was also later lost on the show.

Doctors have told her to get plenty of rest and Irene has already told Kiko they cannot have sex for several days.

The emotional reunion of Irene, who has become one of the most popular contestants on the show, with her husband after four days apart was marked by a big hug.

Irene owes her fame to Kiko who, in turn, owes much of his to being the son of singer Isabel Pantoja, 62, and bullfighter Francisco ‘Paquirri’ Rivera who was famously gored to death by a bull at the age of 36 in 1984.

The couple, who already have two daughters, Ana and Carlota, were the first confirmed couple to appear on ‘Gran Hermano Duo’ (Big Brother Duo) in which contestants enter the house with a current or former partner.

The couple had another emotional moment when they were shown a video of Carlota on her first birthday which they both missed because of the show.

Irene said: “Carlota is our little princess. That’s why it was difficult for us to come here. It gives me a lot of pain to be away from her on a day like today… Even if it’s for work and not on a whim, it hurts.

Irene and her husband Kiko;


“I am very happy to have seen the video because I needed it. I am very afraid that Carlota will not recognise me. I have never been separated more than two days from her.”