Man Found Dead In Well In Same Area As Julen

The partially naked corpse of a man who was apparently trying to rescue his dog has been found at the bottom of a well in the same area in Spain where two-year-old Julen fell down a borehole.

Juan Antonio Santamaria, the victim, with his dog;

The 45-year-old man, identified in reports as Juan Antonio Santamaria, was found dead at the bottom of a well in the town of Villanueva del Trabuco, in the southern Spanish province of Malaga in the Andalusia region.

The body was recovered by officers from the Spanish Civil Guard from inside the well and preliminary reports suggest he died trying to rescue his dog whose body was also found at the bottom of the well.

Santamaria reportedly went for a walk in the area but after he did not return his family quickly alerted the emergency services. The Spanish Civil Guard officers then found him inside the well shortly after.

Investigators are working to confirm if he died whilst saving his dog and are checking if he suffered from depression or was having financial issues. The authorities are also investigating other possible causes.

According to reports, Santamaria’s body was found partially naked and his clothes were on the ground by the entrance of the well, leading investigators to believe he had stripped off to save his dog.

The 45-year-old’s death comes after the body of toddler Julen Rosello Jimenez was pulled from a borehole in the province of Malaga after a thirteen-day rescue operation.

The well where the body was found


The two-year-old had fallen into the uncovered borehole while on a day out with his family in the countryside near the town of Totalan just 62 km (38.5 miles) down the road from where Santamaria’s body was found.