Four Stowaway Refugees Found On Ireland Bound Ferry

This is the moment Spanish Civil Guard officers find four stowaways hidden between wooden pallets on a ferry destined for Ireland after searches were stepped up recently.

The discovery of the stowaways;

The four stowaways, all reportedly Albanian nationals, were found hidden between pallets inside a lorry which was on a ferry in the port city of Santander in the autonomous community of Cantabria the northern Spain which was reportedly heading to the port of Cork in Ireland.

In the video, the Civil Guard officers can be seen searching inside the lorry when one of them finds a stowaway. The Albanian man can be seen stuck between two wooden pallets.

Officers then find two other stowaways hidden under the pallets and they then get out from their hiding place as officers shine touches on them.

The discovery comes as the Civil Guard are reportedly working more closely with the Irish Police (An Garda Siochana) on the Santander to Cork ferry route.

Local media report there have been increasing of cases of illegal stowaways crossing borders through the port of Santander.

Civil Guard search ship

Reports state that in some cases inspections have discovered that the stowaways were travelling with drugs and explosives. In 2018, 900 people reportedly tried to travel illegally through the port of Santander, which has ferry routes to Ireland and England.

None of the four stowaways have been identified and it is unclear what happened to them after they were found.