Roman Necropolis With 30 Perfectly Preserved Graves Discovered

A Roman necropolis with 30 perfectly preserved graves has been discovered during maintenance works on a motorway.

The startling discovery was made in the municipality of Utrera in the province of Seville in the autonomous community of Andalusia in southern Spain during maintenance work on the N-IV motorway.

Roman Find

Local media report the 30 graves in the necropolis were perfectly preserved and Javier Mena, expert from the council’s Culture Department, told local media that initial analysis has led them to think that the corpses found at the site are from the 1st century A.D.

The skeletons were found in shallow graves in a currently uninhabited area. Experts reportedly believe the area was important for the production of various goods in the Roman era, especially livestock and agriculture products.

The images show a well-preserved skeleton on one of the shallow graves.

Experts were called to guard the necropolis after the initial discovery to avoid plundering.

The discovery means there are now three Roman necropoli in the Utrera municipality along with the Roman Bridge of Alcantarilla.

Utrera is reportedly of great historical interest and archaeological work shows people have lived on the site since pre-Roman times.

The remains discovered.