Barca Player Abidal Transplant Case Reopened 

The criminal investigation into former Barcelona defender and current sporting director Eric Abidal’s liver transplant has been reopened because of “irregularities and discrepancies”.


Eric Abidal in the hospital;

The Barcelona Provincial Court has ordered the case be reopened after receiving a request from investigators who insist there were “irregularities or discrepancies” in the medical records of the surgery.

The court has ruled that a commission is to be sent to France to receive a witness statement from Abidal’s cousin Gerard, who is believed to have donated the organ to the defender on 10th April 2012.

The magistrates said “it cannot be forgotten” that the clinical record processed by the Barnaclinic hospital did not contain “any identity documents from the donor”.

The court also recognised that the case derives from a telephone conversation between former Barcelona President Sandro Rosell and another man in which Rosell reportedly said he had acted illegally to ensure Abidal received a liver.

Eric Abidal

The other person in the phone call has not been identified by the court but local media report he was named as “Juanjo” in the calls.

Magistrates found there was “sufficient indication” that a crime may have been committed for the case to go on.

Rosell, 54, and Abidal, 39, who is the current Director of Football at Barcelona, have denied any wrongdoing and the former French international said his cousin Gerard had donated the liver to save his life.