Hundreds Evacuated From Spa Resort As Avalanche Looms

More than 350 people have been evacuated from a luxury spa resort in the Pyrenees over fears it could be hit by an avalanche.

The incident took place at the Panticosa spa hotel in the Pyrenees, in the northern Spanish province of Huesca in the Aragon region, as the Spanish Civil Guard evacuated staff and customers.

Rescue Operation Begins

Local media report people in the area had noticed “the snow piling up on the sides of the mountain but not settling or forming an ice sheet to be able to support the snow still falling”.

In the video, Civil Guard officers can be seen directing cars and buses in a long line away from the hotel in thick snow.

The spa hotel, known in the area for its supposedly medicinal water, was evacuated and will reportedly remain closed until Thursday.

Reports state 10 members of staff will stay on the site to carry out maintenance work.

A vehicle from the Spanish Road Service is in charge of opening the roads for caravans and buses transporting tourists away from the hotel.

Heavy snowstorms hit the Pyrenees last week after a slow start to the winter skiing season.

The snow is also causing problems on roads throughout Huesca province with the tunnels in Somport and Portalet which join Spain with France under the Pyrenees closed and authorities are using controlled explosions in order to open the tunnels again.

Only one tunnel joining Spain with France is open but vehicles need wheel chains to pass through, according to reports.

The school routes have been also blocked off and more than 150 students were unable to get to their classes.

The rescue team helping the people from the spa in the mountains