Lifeless Body of Julen Recovered as Questions Remain

Despite two weeks of round the clock  effort the lifeless body of 2 year old  toddler Julen Roselló was found at 01.25 today. The boy was found at a depths of 71 metres in the illegally dug borehole that he  had  fallen down, whilst apparently playing closeby with his parents and another family near the village of  Totalan in the province of Malaga in southern Spain on the 13th January.

The Pozo

The  parents had  heard him crying but could do nothing to help him and had  subsequently raised the alarm.

Julen´s remains were taken to the local morgue in the nearby village of El Palo, where an autopsy was carried out by five forensic scientists who concluded the toddler had died from a blow to the head. The autopsy was carried out as speculation grows as to what had actually happened to him on the family day out. The 115 metre well reportedly has a diameter of just 25 centimetres (10 inches).

A judicial enquiry has been set up by  the Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska to investigate the tragedy and any “type of negligence”. The parents of Julen;  José  Roselló and Victoria  García were informed of their loss by the Civil Guard at around 02.00 local time. They are also reported to have lost their other son Oliver three years ago to “ sudden death” sindrome whilst walking on the beach.

Luis Avial a Seismic expert was reported on Spanish Television today as saying that “nothing can be ruled out”.

Round the Clock Resuce Attempt