Moment Injured Woman Climber Is Airlifted To Helicopter

This video shows the dramatic mountain rescue of a woman climber who is airlifted to a helicopter after falling and breaking her leg.

The climber, whose name has not been disclosed, injured herself in Charca Verde in La Pedriza de Manzanares on the southern slopes of the Guadarrama mountain range near Madrid.

Mountain rescue operation

According to official sources, the 60-year-old broke her tibia and fibula when she fell, and had to be airlifted to hospital.

Her location was difficult to reach on foot so a rescue helicopter was sent to transfer the injured woman to the General Hospital Villalba.

The footage of the rescue operation was shared on social media by the Madrid emergency services and shows the moment the woman is placed on a stretcher and airlifted from the mountainside.

There have been no further updates on her current condition.

Netizen ‘DeysiVazquez20’ said: “What a shocking incident! I pray for the woman’s speedy recovery. Well done to the rescuers.”

‘JBjrd16’ added: “First of all, well done to the emergency workers. Although, I do think the woman should have been sedated before being moved, it would have been much better for her