Desperate Toddler Rescue Continues

After over 100 hours rescuers are still desperately trying to find the

The Pozo

two-year-old boy who fell down a deep well which is 370 feet deep but just 10 inches wide.

The incident took place yesterday in the municipality of Totalan in the province of Malaga in southern Spain, when the boy, named in report as Yulen, fell into the uncovered well while spending time with his family and another couple.

Reports state the parents saw the youngster fall and heard him crying but could do nothing to help him.

The well was reportedly made in search of water in the area, but it is not known if there is water at the bottom.

The search continues without trace of the tot even after a camera was placed into the 115-metre (377-foot) well four times.

Emergency Services

The well reportedly has a diameter of just 25 centimetres (10 inches).

In the first moments of the rescue and due to the narrowness of the hole, the firemen decided to place a mobile phone attached to a rope and dropped to it around 50 metres (164 foot) down without finding the boy.

A robot managed to go to 78 metres (255 feet) but did not find the boy.

Even though no hypothesis have been dismissed, it is believed the boy may be stuck under earth dislodged when he fell down the well.

Firemen have only found a bag of sweets he had on him at the time of the fall and the search is ongoing.