Armed Bank Robber Dresses Up As Civil Guard

This is the moment an armed thief dressed as a cop threatens a bank official with a gun and forces her to hand over thousands of EUR in cash.

Cop Costume Robber

The Civil Guard is the oldest law enforcement agency covering the whole of Spain and the scenes were recorded by CCTV cameras inside a branch of the La Caixa in the city of Olivenza, in the western Spanish province of Badajoz.

In the video, a man dressed in the traditional green uniform and black hat of the Civil Guard wearing sunglasses can be seen walking into the bank.

The man pulls put a pistol as he walks past a customer and up to the cashier, who he points the gun at.

The woman places some notes in a counter before getting to her feet and handing the cash over to the armed thief.

The robber walks away but has to wait for the bank official to open the door using a button before he can escape.

Taking 3000 EUR

Local media report the thief made off with 2,940 EUR (2,604 GBP) in cash and the police then launched an investigation.

Cops arrested a 52-year-old suspect who reportedly has a criminal record for similar crimes one day after the incident.

The authorities are said to have recovered 1,800 EUR (1,594 GBP) of the stolen cash after the suspect’s arrest.

The case is ongoing and it is unclear if the suspect has been charged, or if he was a member of the Spanish Civil Guard