Viral Vid As Alzheimer Sufferer Bops With Grandkids

This is the viral moment an elderly Alzheimer’s sufferer bops with his
grandchildren in the living room.

The video, shared by netizen Rocio Vidal who lives in Barcelona in the
eastern Spanish region of Catalonia, has been seen over a million times on
Twitter and shared by 11,000 users.

The video was accompanied with the message: “This man is my grandfather, he
is 80 years old and suffers from Alzheimer’s.

“Tonight we cheered him up and got him to dance with us. It has been so long
since I last saw him so happy. The power of music!”

In the footage, the groovy granddad is seen bopping to a contemporary pop
song in the living room with two young relatives.

One netizen commented: “Music generates brain reactions and leaves us with
magical moments like this one. Thank you music!”

Social media user ‘Adelmoure’ wrote: “Lucky family! This is what life is all

‘Dianapilot’ added: “What a beautiful thing you did for your granddad. It
was very touching and made me think of my dad, who also had Alzheimer’s.
Cherish those moments!”

’33boop’ said: “A beautiful moment. He looks like he is 15 years old. Music
and Alzheimer’s together, it is the last thing to go from our memories. It
has the power to transport you through time and make you feel young again.”