Shocking Footage Of Cruel Hunter Attacking Fox

This is the heartbreaking footage of a hunter repeatedly hurling an injured fox through the air before hitting it with his gun and stamping on its head.

The shocking video was recorded in Spain and has caused outrage among animal rights activists and has been reported to the Nature Protection Service department of the Spanish Civil Guard.

In the video, which has been shared on social media, a hunter in a high-visibility jacket can be seen chasing after a badly injured fox.

Pic Shows: The hunter throwing the fox around

The burly hunter catches up with the animal and picks it by up its tail before hurling it into the air.

Pic Shows: The hunter stepping on the fox

The fox crashes to the ground and tries to crawl away but the hunter catches up with it, throwing it through the air by its tail again before hitting it with the butt of his rifle and stamping on its head.

The hunter then plays with the animal’s body, which is still moving, stamping on its head and neck and laughing for the camera as he shows the creature has lost a leg. It is unclear if the fox survived.

Local media report the fox had two of its legs partially amputated after getting caught in a trap.

Animal rights organisation Anadel has asked for help in identify the hunter but he has not yet been named in reports and it is unclear where the footage was recorded.

Hunting associations have criticised the footage, saying that it has nothing to do with hunting and added that hunters will be the first ones to report the man in the video.

Elena Lopez, a member of Anadel, said she was shocked by the video, telling local media: “What kind of psychological attitudes do people with weapons licences have in this country?”