Naked Beachgoer Gets Changed During Live Broadcast

This is the moment a nude beach-goer calmly gets changed in the background as a news reporter broadcasts live in front of him.

The bizarre incident occurred when news reporter Dani Ramirez was broadcasting from the beaches of Barcelona in the Spanish region of Catalonia for the regional TV channel TV3.

During the programme, named El Temps (The Weather), Ramirez can be seen stood on the beach when a nude man in the background can be seen trying to put on a pair of trousers.

Ramierez carries on speaking about the hot temperatures as the man slowly puts on the pair of trousers behind him.

The video has been viewed over 26,000 times on social media and netizen ‘RamonetFont’ commented: “Wow. I had to watch it three times because I as
not sure if he was nude or he was wearing yellow shorts.”

And ‘QuimGamisans’ added: “Haha. I got shocked when I saw it.”

Whilst ‘Sabu’ said: “This guy does what I usually do but with a lack of discretion, he was simply taking off his swimsuit to get dressed and put on some trousers. I am afraid that the TV people chose the place just in the moment he was getting dressed.”

Barcelona has recorded temperatures of 18 degrees Celsius over the Christmas period.