Chopper Rescue Of Mountain Biker Who Went Over Cliff

This is the moment a mountain biker is winched to safety by helicopter 
after cycling off a cliff.

Francisco Perez Cerdan had been making his way along the Senda de los
Ingenieros trail in the Ontinyent area of eastern Spain’s Valencia region
when the accident happened.

He went over the edge of a cliff after losing control of his bike on the
hiking path and broke his leg in the fall.

Fortunately, Francisco was cycling with friends who raised the alarm and
mountain rescuers soon arrived on the scene.

After determining it would be too difficult to move him on foot, they called
in a helicopter.

Eyewitness smartphone footage shows a line being attached to his stretcher
before a rescuer escorts him into the helicopter flying above.

The helicopter flew him to the car park of a sports centre in a nearby town
where an ambulance took over to take him to hospital.

Francisco later revealed he had walked along the path earlier and had wanted
to come back to try it on his bike but it had proved harder than anticipated.

“When I looked at the path, I was already falling,” he said.

The video of the rescue is proving popular with viewers after it was shared
on Facebook.

One online commentator, ‘Pili Borras’, said: “Nice work. By great

The Senda de los Ingenieros trail is one of the most popular areas of the
Sierra de la Umbria-Pozo Claro Municipal Natural Park.