Shock As Duo On Electric Scooter Kill 90yo Woman

A 90-year-old Spanish woman using a walking frame has been killed after she was run over by a couple on an electric scooter.

It is believed to be the first time in the world that somebody has been killed after being hit by one of the increasingly popular devices. The
incident happened in the suburb of Esplugues de Llobregat, in Barcelona in the Spanish region of Catalonia.

At the time of the collision two men were travelling on the scooter and the woman hit her head when she fell to the ground, dying later in hospital from multiple injuries.

One person who witnessed the incident told El Pais that the dead woman had been a popular and charming lady and that she used to walk around the avenue with her walking frame.

He said: “She was loved by a lot of people in the market, when it happened, we were all shocked”.

Another person who was described as a shop owner told local media she was full of life despite her age, saying: “We always said that she was going to outlive all of us, she was a good client and used her walking frame all the time and despite that she was pretty fast with it”.

Another person identified as a neighbour called Viqui said it was high time that a bike lane was introduced saying: “As it is at the moment everybody goes along the same route, pedestrians, cyclists and skaters – What happened in August was terrible”.

The death of the pedestrian follows on from the death last month of a 40 year old woman who died while riding an electric scooter in Sabadell, also in Barcelona province. She was run over by a lorry after falling from her electric scooter.

She died in hospital two weeks later.

And in January, a five-year-old boy died in Badajoz, in the west-central Spanish region of Extremadura, after being run over by a bus while riding his scooter. The boy had been travelling along the pavement but then drifted onto the road where he was hit by the bus.

Local police confirmed they were investigating on manslaughter charges and said that the men were believed to have been travelling at over 30 kph when the accident happened in August. But details have only just been released now.

Many cities have been caught out by the popularity of electronic scooters, with many countries not having laws in place in order to ban them from pavements and otherwise restrict usage.

Spain’s interior minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska said only a month ago that laws needed to be changed to protect “especially vulnerable” people after a sharp rise in the number of deaths of pedestrians, cyclists and bikers.