Outrage At Video Of Hunters And Kids With 52 Dead Rabbits

A video of Spanish hunters celebrating a haul of over 50 rabbits has
provoked outrage and sparked an investigation by authorities after it went

The hunters celebrating with the dead rabbits;

The film showed up to eight hunters, some in camouflage clothing and holding
what appear to be bottles of booze, with lines of bunnies ties to stakes.
One off the men boasts of killing ’52 of them’.

Two children are with the men in the video, believed to have been filmed on
the holiday isle of Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands.

The sheer number of animals killed in the slaughter could land them in
trouble as hunting regulations only allow individuals a maximum of four
rabbits a day and, for groups, a maximum of 12 a day.

Spanish authorities have said they will now investigate the case after the
video was posted on social media by the Canary Animal Rescue Organisation.

Scenes of the men laughing and joking and talking about a ‘party’ to
celebrate upset many animal lovers and led to accusations that they had been
drinking while carrying weapons.

Local hunting organisations also condemned the men’s actions calling for
‘measures to be taken’ against them.

The Association of Hunters said, in a statement: “We love nature and we
believe hunting activity in Fuerteventura requires better regulation against
these unscrupulous ones.”

The incident follows the release of another video recently in which a man
was shown releasing a dozen rabbits into a field in the area.

Following an investigation by the environmental department of the Spanish
Civil Guard, the man was arrested and now faces fines of up to 3,000 EUR
(2,600 GBP) for releasing the rabbits without authorisation.