Cops Disinfect Cells After Migrant Sex Pest Gang Arrest

A group of 15 scabies-infected migrants has been arrested and charged for
sexually assaulting a young woman and stabbing her boyfriend in a Spanish
metro station.

Police said that the young Moroccan men, who have not been named, were so
infected that the prison cells and the police cars used for their
transportation had to be disinfected.

Authorities of Santa Coloma de Gramenet, a city in the Province of Barcelona
in Catalonia in Spain, also said that eight of them remain in custody, while
the rest have been temporarily released.

The incident took place a little before 6am at the Can Peixauet metro

According to the young woman’s testimony, the migrants had been riding in
the same carriage as her and they had verbally abused her.

After getting out of the carriage, the woman, who has not been named for
legal reasons, reportedly headed for the lift while texting her partner
saying that the group of migrants were following her.

When she entered the lift, the men reportedly ran inside too and cornered
her while it was going up towards the metro exit.

Local media reported that the infested youths touched the woman
inappropriately in the lower areas of the body.

At the same time, the young woman’s boyfriend, who had been alerted by his
girlfriend’s text had arrived at the metro station to look for her.

The young man is said to have spotted his girlfriend while she was trying to
escape from the lift, which had then arrived at the top.

According to Spanish media, he confronted the group of migrants and defended
his partner.

The altercation escalated quickly resulting in the man getting stabbed in
the chest.

It is not clear if there were any eyewitnesses or who notified the police.

Authorities arrived shortly after and the couple was taken to the hospital.

The boyfriend of the assaulted woman has been hospitalised, but his life is
not in danger. No information has been given on the health condition of the

Spanish policemen located the suspects, some of them underage, in an
illegally occupied sordid house in Santa Coloma de Gramenet and arrested
them in connection with the assault.

Some of them had been already known to authorities for recent cases of
violent robberies.

Police have opened an investigation that is still ongoing. After questioning
the suspects, eight remain in custody.