Without A Paddle: Ibiza Streets Covered In Poo

Tourists on the party island of Ibiza woke up to more than a hangover this
week after flooded sewers left streets covered in faeces.

Dead rats and sanitary towels were also left lying in the streets following
storms which hit the island over the weekend leaving a bad smell lingering
in the air.

Locals and holidaymakers had to cover their noses and mouths and carefully
dodge piles of excrement on pavements and roads in Ibiza Town as they faced
the gruesome site.

Streets including the popular Ignasi Wallis Avenue and Isidoro Macabich were
the worst affected, including the walkway in front of the city’s court

Locals blame a faulty sewage system which cannot handle human waste and
claim there have been similar incidents even when there has not been heavy

And photographs and videos depicting the smelly and unsightly mess have been
posted on social media which hotel and other tourism-based businesses fear
are damaging the island’s image around the world.

The torrential downpour which forced the smelly and unsightly mess above
street level also saw the waste pour into the water of the town’s port and
nearby protected areas off the coast.

The bad weather led to flight delays as planes were forced to divert to
airports on the Spanish mainland including some from Stansted which landed
in Alicante instead.