Ryanair Planes Nearly Collide Over Spain

Two Ryanair planes are said to have almost crashed into each other
mid-flight whilst flying over Spain.

One of the Ryaniar flights was travelling from the Spanish city of Santiago
de Compostela to Palma de Majorca, capital of the Spanish Balearic Island of
Majorca and the other was flying from Seville to the French city of

Local media report the two flights were at risk of colliding as they flew
near the city of Pamplona in northern Spain, according to a report from the
Spanish Civil Aviation Accidents and Incidents Investigation Commission.

According to the report, the “serious” incident occurred when the Boeing
737-800 flying to Palma de Majorca crossed paths with the Boeing 737-800
flying to Toulouse around 18 miles from Pamplona.

The planes were reportedly at a vertical distance of 122 metres (400 feet)
from each other and a horizontal distance of four kilometres (2.5 miles).

Reports suggest the collision alert alarms were activated on both planes and
a possible accident was avoided.

Susana Romero, a controller from the Union of Air Controllers said that
“there was not really a risk of collision” because there were enough
mechanisms in place to avoid a crash.

The investigation is ongoing.