Man Throws 6yo From Balcony Before Jumping To Death

A six-year-old girl has died after being thrown from a sixth-floor balcony
by one of her parent’s friends who jumped to his death immediately

The incident shocked residents in the city of Malaga in the southern Spanish
region of Andalusia.

According to an initial investigation, the 50-year-old man grabbed his
friends’ young daughter and threw her to the courtyard below before jumping

The motive for his actions is currently unknown.

Reports said that the man was a friend of the parents and was staying with
them with a few days to celebrate his 50th birthday because he had been
going through a bad spell.

The young victim had a seven-year-old sister who was in the apartment at the

According to local media, the parents were getting the two girls ready for
school when the family friend suddenly took the youngest child and threw her
to her death.

The tragic incident occurred around 8.30am.

Local authorities are trying to establish whether the 50-year-old had a
history of mental illness.

Stunned neighbours called the emergency services and paramedics arrived at
the courtyard below the apartment block.

Sadly, both the girl and the middle-aged man were confirmed dead at the

A team of counsellors were sent to the parents’ home to help them cope with
the tragic incident, according to reports.

The investigation is ongoing.