German Tourist Arrested For Sex Attack On Hotel Cleaner

A German tourist has been arrested in Majorca after a hotel cleaner accused
him of sexually assaulting her while she was cleaning a room.

The incident happened at midday at a hotel in Can Pastillo, close to the
main beach of the Spanish island’s capital, Palma.

The Diario de Mallorca reported that the 53-year-old man had allegedly
attacked the 25-year-old cleaner while she was cleaning another room.

The woman reported that the man was walking down the corridor when he
suddenly spotted her at work in another room.

She told police that he suddenly leapt at her and began to grope her
breasts, and genital area.

She claims that after a struggle she managed to free herself and report the
attack to the police.

Specialist Spanish police officers from the Unit for Women and Family (UFAM)
arrested the man who has no previous convictions.

The accused who has not been named denied the woman’s version, and said that
he had simply “greeted” her.

He was questioned by police before being placed at the disposition of the