Firemans Floss Trick Removes Ring From 9yos Finger

This is the moment a firefighter uses a clever trick with dental floss to
remove a metal ring that was stuck on the finger of an nine-year-old boy.

The scenes were recorded in a school in the town of Villaviciosa de Odon,
close to the Spanish capital Madrid.

Local media report the fire service was called by teachers after the
nine-year-old boy got the metal ring stuck on his finger.

In the video, a fireman can be seen using a pair if pincers to place some
dental floss between the ring and the boy’s finger.

When asked if it hurts the boy says yes, so one of the firefighters tells
the youngster to grab his hand and says “you can break my hand if you want”.

After the floss is passed through the ring the firefighter the wraps it
tightly around the boys finger, contracting the flesh.

The resourceful fireman then begins unwinding the floss from the other side
of the ring, helping ease the object off the boy’s finger using the pressure
from the released part of the finger.

Those watching clap in celebration as the ring is pulled of the youngster’s

Netizens were impressed by the video with ‘libroabierto12’ writing: “What a
delicate way of attending the kid. How he joked about the situation in order
to calm him down. You guys are great.”

And ‘hojarascasin’ added: “It is important to know how it is done. Thanks
for sharing.”

The boy is reportedly well after the incident.