Husband Tweets Pregnant Blogger Wife’s Death

A couple’s journey through fertility treatment and pregnancy that was enthusiastically followed by fans on social media has ended in tragedy with the husband tweeting his blogger wife’s death following an emergency caesarian.

Jonathan Garcia, 32, and Vanessa Fernandez Arango, 30, from Bilbao in northern Spain, were married in 2016 and immediately wanted to become parents.

After a period of trying without success, they began fertility treatment and Vanessa started to enthusiastically share her experience on Instagram to her followers.

On posting a photo of her positive test for pregnancy, she wrote: “The beginning of the end, the beginning of feeling alive, the end of suffering.”

Pic Shows: Vanessa, the mother to be

Vanessa had previously suffered two ectopic pregnancies, after which she said she had “lost a little bit of myself, but you can recover from
anything, or almost anything.”

From this moment on, the couple regularly shared photos of their baby adventure together with fans, offering encouragement to others going through the same process.

Before one procedure Vanessa posted a photo of the two dressed for surgery, saying: “We couldn’t be more united. Overcoming every obstacle until we reach our goal! We are warriors! And for those of you who haven’t got there yet… you will!”

However, in the 38th week of pregnancy, events took a terrible turn and Vanessa began to feel unwell at breakfast, and after fainting she was rushed to hospital. Hours later, to the dismay of her 2,700 followers, Jonathan posted the sad news as a tweet from her account.

He wrote: “This is Vanessa’s husband. They have carried out an emergency caesarian. The baby is in intensive care. Vanessa has died. You will understand that this account will now close. Thank you all for making her laugh.”

Vanessa had suffered a fatal cardiac arrest during surgery, although the baby named Alvaro had survived and was at first fighting for his life before rallying.

The tweet was so incongruous with the profile picture of Vanessa looking radiant and happy in a pink bikini and sunglasses, and with Jonathan’s hand on her pregnant belly, that the overwhelming reaction was one of disbelief.

Another social media user later posted the official death notice in the local paper to show that Vanessa had in fact died.

Tributes to the tragic young mother continued to flood in. One friend wrote: “A wonderful and magical person has gone. She will always be in our hearts.”

A week after Vanessa’s death, Jonathan was able to post photos of little baby Alvaro making good progress, first in intensive care and later as he was given his first bottle feed.

Jonathan has continued to keep Vanessa’s followers updated on their progress. He said: “I never imagined a goodbye message in her honour would have led to such an avalanche of support. I want you to know I will continue with her dream of helping other couples.”

Baby Alvaro continues to grow healthier and stronger.