Drunken Brit Tourists Grapple With Robbers In Ibiza

Video footage reportedly showing drunken robbers trying to rob drunken British tourists on the holiday island of Ibiza has been posted online as another example of the craziness that characterise the summer months.

The incident was captured by a bank’s CCTV cameras, and shows five men engaged in a drunken struggle over some unidentified belongings. Some of the men involved were British tourists trying to resist a robbery, local media reports.

Pic shows: The fight on the street after the robbery

One man remains on the ground throughout the footage while the other four wrestle and try to snatch possessions from one another. Two of them are shirtless.

In the confusion it is not clear who are the robbers and who are the tourists.

The farcical struggle can be best summed up by a voice heard on the video muttering: “Crazy people!”

The Ibizan capital, San Antoni, is notorious for its low cost tourism and for drunkenness, drug consumption, and fighting. It is particularly popular with British tourists.

Two young British tourists have already lost their lives this summer in street fights in San Antoni, on both occasions in fights with other British tourists.

Low cost tourism is becoming increasingly controversial in Spain with local residents tired of the associated widespread noise and disorder. However, authorities face fierce resistance from bar and hotel owners whenever they propose measures to control it, such as earlier closing times.

There is widespread agreement that Spain would like to promote “quality tourism” but for the time being, towns such as San Antoni remain infamous for cheap drink and drug fuelled violence.

Police have not commented on the incident.