Angry Bull Gets Stuck In Gate During Festival

This is the moment a bull rams into a metal gate and gets stuck around its midriff during a running of the bulls festival event in Spain.

The incident took place in the town of Alaejos in the central Spanish province of Valladolid.

According to reports, several bulls became separated from the stampeding herd and one of them tried to attack some festival attendees standing behind a barred gate, where it became stuck.

Pic shows: The bull running festival

In the video footage filmed by onlookers, the bull is seen ramming the gate and becoming trapped as its muscular hind legs cannot squeeze through the bars.

Incredibly, one cruel attendee starts provoking the trapped bull with a long stick, prodding it in the face and making it bellow.

In the end, however, some kindly resident arrived with a vice and other tools to try and prise the metal bars open.

A crowd of people gathers to help the stocky animal, which is seen with some cuts to its midriff where it was trapped between two bars.

The anxious bull begins to buck and fight to get free, but cannot budge from its position.

At the end of the video, helpers manage to open up the bars enough for the bull to run free.

It immediately charges at some spectators behind another gate, nearly trapping itself again.

However, it runs off and is last seen charging down a crowded street.

According to local media, nobody was hurt during the running of the bulls event.

Town Mayor Carlos Mangas said: “It was just a small scare, the freed bull then tried to go through a second fence, but it turned around and rejoined the route.”