Armed Robber Uses Hotel Sheets As Disguise

An armed robber wrapped in a bizarre disguise consisting of cut up hotel sheets and a face scarf and wielding a blood-red knife has been filmed trying to hold up the hotel’s reception.

Pic shows: The robber dressed up as a ghost attacks the man at the reception

The incident happened in the early hours of the morning at the Hotel Reyes Ziries in the town of Albolote, Granada, Southern Spain.

According to the hotel Marketing Manager, Pilar Rivas, the man draped in a white sheet had approached the receptionist waving a large red knife before demanding: “Give me what you can!”

At one point the robber seems to give the impression he also has a gun under the sheet which he points at the receptionist, who attempts to defend himself with an office hole-puncher.

As the robber circles the reception desk, the receptionist surreptitiously locks the safe.

The  robber then tries to reach over the counter to open the safe at which point the receptionist flees with the robber in pursuit. After a brief
struggle at the entrance door the robber then abandons the hotel.

A spokesperson for the hotel said that it was likely that the robber’s disguise was actually made from sheets from the hotel itself.

Police arrested the alleged robber close to the hotel, minus white sheets and knife.

The man was charged with attempted robbery and has been released on bail pending a court appearance.