Man Gored By Bull At Controversial Festival

This is the moment a huge bull repeatedly gores a man during a controversial festival in Spain.

The disturbing scenes were recorded at the traditional festival called Toro de la Vega, which consists of hundreds of lancers on horseback chasing a bull with other participants chasing on foot.

The festival takes place in the town of Tordesillas, in the central Spanish province of Valladolid.

In the video, the bull, reportedly weighing 670 kilogrammes (1,477 lbs), can be seen flinging a man into the air with its horns as onlookers scatter in fear.

Another angle shows how the bull, named Montanesa, pinned the man against a fence before dragging him to the middle of the road with its horns and continuing to gore him.

Pic Shows: The man in the red shirt got gored by the bull during the running festival

Other participants try to distract the animal and the victim is eventually carried to safety.

Local media report the man, named only by his initials P.G.B., 27, was given medical attention at a nearby bullring before being transferred to Valladolid Hospital where he underwent emergency surgery on his knee.

The victim’s condition is not reported.

The Toro de la Vega made headlines in Spain three years ago when the authorities banned participants from killing the bull after the chase.

The bull is now taken away from the bull ring after the festival and is treated for any injuries it has sustained.

Local media report another man, identified as P.G.L., 69, was injured when trying to climb a fence to get away from the bull but his condition is not reported.

The bull also reportedly killed a horse during the festival.