Panic As Woman Driver Mistakes Snake For Stick

A woman driver who grabbed a ‘stick’ that had fallen on her windscreen was shocked to discover that it was actually a live snake.

The motorist, whose name has not been released, was so startled that she dropped the wriggling snake inside her car, in the central Spanish city of Alcorcon, near the capital city of Madrid.

The woman had lowered her side window when she saw what she thought was a piece of wood land on her windscreen during a car journey.

She had intended to throw the ‘stick’ away but when it started wriggling in her hand, she panicked and dropped it inside her car.

The snake landed near her foot pedals as she slammed on the brakes and jumped out of the vehicle before calling the police for help.

Officers attended the scene and photographed the snake before posting the picture on Twitter.

They commented: “When our officers went to help a driver who was in shock and had stopped and got out of her car, they checked and found a snake by the pedals.”

Cops were not too confident about removing the snake either. They called in experts from an animal protection shelter to do the job for them.

Police said the woman driver was clearly very shocked but confirmed that neither she nor anyone else was injured.

The snake is believed to be an escaped pet. A neighbour, who did not give their name, confirmed: “Police have been searching the area for a snake for the last two months.”

Netizens ‘MercedesTrini18’ said: “If it had happened to me, I would have run away”, while ‘MalonsoLedesma’ added: “I would have jumped out through the window. I have a phobia of snakes.”