Brave Spanish Shop Assistant Resists Armed Robber

This brave shop assistant has been praised for keeping her cool and resisting an armed gunman as he tried to rob her store in Spain.

The attempted robbery took place at a small supermarket in  Matalascanas, in the southern Spanish province of Huelva, Andalusia.

Footage from the CCTV cameras show a man wearing a woollen hat approaching the checkout seemingly to pay for a product. He then fumbles around in his bag before pulling out what appears to be a gun, which he points directly at the shop assistant’s face while appearing to demand money.

The shop assistant wearing a blue shirt puts her hands up but appears to contest being robbed. He makes to move behind the counter but she heads him off and stands her ground. She then goes back behind the desk to activate the alarm, and then again runs after the would-be robber as he flees from the scene.

Police used the CCTV cameras to identity the man and after a brief search he was finally arrested the following day. The head of the local police in the nearby town of Almonte, Paqui Borrego, said that extensive interviews with local residents had lead to the detention of the suspect.

The man, who was not named, confessed to the crime but said that the gun used in the bungled robbery was actually made of plastic. Police are still trying to ascertain if the gun seen on the security footage was indeed the plastic weapon found in the suspect’s possession.

The man has been charged with attempted robbery and remanded on bail. The heroic shop assistant has not been named.