95yo Woman Jumps On Robber Who Attacked Her 80yo Friend

This is the moment a 95-year-old woman bravely jumps on the back of a robber who had just grabbed her 80-year-old friend’s necklace.

The incident was caught on camera inside a block of flats in Bilbao, the biggest city in northern Spain’s Basque Country.

The footage begins with a young man opening a lift door and – seemingly politely – letting the two elderly women, named as Elvira, 95, and Tina, 80, go in before him.

Elvira walks into the lift but as Tina walks past him he grabs her necklace from her neck and makes to run out of the building.

However, the robber turns back after the necklace breaks and its precious stones fall onto the floor.

Pic Shows: The second lady attacks the man

Despite her age, Elvira jumps into action grabbing hold of the man’s back as he bends over to pick up the stones.

The robber shrugs her off and she falls to the floor. He then runs out of the door of the building, pushing Tina over in the process.

Neither of the women were badly hurt, suffering only scratches and did not even need to see a doctor, but Elvira said she had feared the worst.

“I saw myself in a wheelchair,” she said. “I thought that, from here, I will not get up, tomorrow we two will be in a wheelchair.”

The 95-year-old added that she had suspected nothing at first when man called the lift and politely let them go before him.

“As he was first, I let him be first, but he insisted in letting us go inside first,” she explained.

Tina said she had felt more “shaken” after seeing the video and revealed that she now felt scared at home for the first time and kept checking all of her rooms.

Police released the CCTV footage in the hope of identifying the robber who is still at large. The investigation continues.