Puppies Thrown In Well Pulled Out by Firemen

This is the moment firefighters rescue five of the six puppies that were put
into a bag before being thrown into a deep well.

The incident was reported to police in the village of Alguazas, in the
south-eastern Spanish province of Murcia.

A passerby heard the puppies whining and called the police. The well was
located in an abandoned area close to the municipal football stadium.

The police contacted the local Fire Brigade who came to the puppies rescue.

A spokesperson for the Fire Brigade said the hour-long rescue operation was
complicated by the depth of the well which was connected to the surface by a

Video footage shows the three fireman pulling the tiny puppies to the
surface with a rope.

They finally hoisted them to the surface from the depths of the well and
placed the bag on the floor.

When they open it they can immediately see that one of the puppies is dead,
however the remaining five survived.

According to local media, the puppies are in relatively good condition
following their traumatic ordeal.

Authorities have no leads as to who could have thrown the puppies in the

Mistreatment of animals in Spain carries a possible custodial sentence of
between one and three years, although animal rights activists frequently
complain that in many cases lighter sentences are often given such as small
fines, or that the animal welfare offences are not always taken seriously by
the police.