Tourist In Majorca Badly Hurt After Balcony Fall

This is the shocking picture of bikini clad young woman tourist who is the latest person to fall from a balcony on the holiday island of Majorca.

Local media published the image form an eye witness which showed the badly injured 25-year-old Hungarian tourist who had fallen from a second-floor balcony and landed on a parked car.

The incident took place at around 4pm at the local Hotel Leblon in the resort of El Arenal in western Majorca, part of the Spanish Balearic

The female tourist was reportedly drunk say local media when she fell on top of the parked car, but this has not been confirmed by local authorities.

Police estimate that she fell around six metres (20 feet) and confirmed that she was rushed to the University Hospital Son Espases for treatment to multiple traumas.

Pic shows: Images surfaced showing a woman collapsed on top of a parked car.

According to reports, the young woman’s mother saw her daughter fall and was traumatised by the accident, attacking emergency service workers and needing to be restrained while they carried out their work.

Local media also pointed out that this is the 15th incident of tourists falling from balconies in Majorca this year, with seven reported dead.

The number of falls has dramatically increased in recent years, according to the reports.

Local authorities met to discuss the problem and determine whether there is a link with balcony falls and the consumption of alcohol and drugs.

It is reported that doctors and hotel managers rejected the connection. There have been no further updates on the 25-year-old’s condition.

Netizen ’12menosmas’ commented: “I heard that the girl is “fine” and has opened her eyes and is moving her head, but I do not know anything else.”

‘Matilde’ said: “We have sh*t tourists who come here. Instead of promoting our wonderful beaches and landscapes for families, tourism authorities orientate things towards drunkenness. Who wins with that?”