Speedboat Runs Over Swimmers In Majorca Severing Limbs

Two swimmers have been mutilated by the propeller of a speedboat with ran over them on the popular Spanish holiday island of Majorca.

The incident happened off the beach of Es Trenc, in the Balearic island of Majorca, off the eastern Spanish coast.

According to authorities the incident took place on Friday afternoon in an area where boats are allowed to navigate, far from the beach.

The speedboat ran over them and the propellers of the engine severed one man’s arm and caused very deep wounds to the other man’s leg.

The man that had his arm severed by the propeller is in a stable condition according to local media, whilst the other, who later had his leg amputated, remains in intensive care with a critical prognosis.

Two nearby boats picked up the men and took them to a nearby beach. They were stabilised by ambulance paramedics who later took them to the Son Espases Hospital in capital city Palma de Majorca.

During the afternoon, and until after midnight, agents of the Special Group of Underwater Activities of the Guardia Civil searched unsuccessfully in the area of the accident for the severed arm, a task that they have resumed this Saturday.

The names and nationalities of the two injured swimmers has not been published.