101 Cats Hoarded By Noah Syndrome Man

Animal rights officers raided this small flat to find a whopping 101 cats living inside.

Shocking footage shows the numerous black, white and tabby moggies living in the home, which measured only 37 square metres, perched on top of tables, chairs and chewed up and clawed sofas.

The home – in Malaga, in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia – was raided by members of the Environment Protection Group from the local police force, and the home is said to have belonged to a 37-year-old man who has not been identified.

The property came to the attention of the authorities after neighbours complained of a bad smell coming from the premises and loud noises of cats meowing.

Pic shows:
Animal rights officers raided this small flat to find a whopping 101 cats living inside.

Officers arrested the man who admitted to “not really knowing” how many cats he had, estimating the number to be around 45. He told police he had started “with a couple of cats” but they had then bred repeatedly and he had tried to look after the new kittens each time.

Cats are now being removed from the property in batches under the watchful eye of a local vet who is checking over the animals to make sure they have the necessary jabs, microchips, and are not ill.

So far 45 of the animals have had to be put down because of the bad condition they were found in.

Officers say they believe the man suffers from a condition known as Noah Syndrome – a psychiatric disorder in which a person will gather big numbers of animals but be unable to care for them.

It is not known if he will face charges for the neglect.