Wanted British Paedophile Arrested In Spain

A suspected British paedophile wanted for nine sexual offences committed in the UK has been arrested in southern Spain, where he is suspected of carrying out at least one further attack using a stolen ID.

Former Bangor City FC press officer David Daniel Hayes, 39, from Llanrwst in Wales was detained in Granada in the autonomous region of Andalusia using the name of another British man in the area to offer English lessons.

The alleged child predator was on Europe’s most wanted list. British authorities lost track of the suspect when he boarded a plane from Liverpool to Amsterdam in May 2015.

Pic shows: Moments of the police operation to arrest David Daniel Hayes

He is accused of raping a child and other sex offences against children on Anglesey, but while on bail, he reportedly failed to appear in court and promptly skipped the country.

The BBC dedicated several reports to the suspect, appealing for information on the alleged paedophile’s whereabouts and referring to him as one of “Britain’s most wanted criminals”.

The Spanish Civil Guard launched ‘Operation Curtis’ while following up on investigations related to the most wanted list. Cops noticed a link between the UK abuses and a case in Granada that involved an English tutor.

They set up a surveillance operation at various homes, boarding houses and hostels in Andalusia and the alleged paedophile was located in the city of Granada and was watched closely for several days before cops moved in and arrested the Brit on 25th July.

Pic shows: Moments of the police operation to arrest David Daniel Hayes

Footage of his arrest has been released by the Civil Guard.

Experts soon matched the 39-year-old to the suspect wanted by UK authorities after quickly discovering he was using a stolen ID.

The detainee has been placed at the disposal of the National High Court.