Outrage Over 50 GBP Bill For 4 Soft Drinks In Ibiza Bar

A group of tourists have been forced to pay 46 GBP for four soft drinks in an Ibiza bar.

The visitors were ‘fleeced’ near the resort of San Antonio on the western coast. Ibiza is the second largest island in the eastern Spanish Balearic Islands.

A photo of the bill was uploaded to social media where two Cokes and two Sprites came to a shocking total of 52 euros (46 GBP).

Pic shows: The expensive bill, 52 euros for four drinks.

At nearly 12 GBP per soft drink, the tourists were probably glad they were not in a more celebratory mood.

The image was accompanied by the message: “Hello to all those people considering a holiday in Ibiza this year.”

This post was shared by nearly 6,000 people while 1,200 left comments. Netizen ‘Javier Sanz’ said: “My God, and you do not even get a paella aperitif? The bar owners are thieves. But the real fools are the people who go there.”

‘Kevin Cantonero Velasco’ added: “I cannot believe it. That is disgusting. I would rather die than go to Ibiza and put up with treatment like that.”

Local residents and tourists to the Balearic Islands have been complaining about escalating prices for many months.

In June, a bar in Majorca made the headlines when it was charging up to 13 GBP for a glass of orange juice.

Pics shows: Different bills from the bar

While locals launched a campaign groups in opposition to ‘over-tourism’ and daub “tourists go home” in city spaces, visitors to Majorcan capital Palma are also encouraging people to stay away.

One tourist wrote on Twitter: “Palma is a place you should not go to under any circumstances.”