Man Kayaks Down Flooded Streets In Spain

Surprised onlookers captured the moment a man kayaked down flooded streets of a Spanish city after it was hit by an exceptional summer storm.

The incident was filmed in the city of Salt, in the eastern Spanish region of Catalonia, which was one of the worst hit by the bad weather.

Pic Shows: Man kayaking down the flooded street

According to official sources both the city of Salt and Girona were filled with 39.5 litres per square metre of water in just half an hour and many shops, bars and garages were flooded.

The amusing social media video shows an unnamed man in a green kayak riding the flood down the streets between apartment blocks, using his paddle to steer himself past people huddled in doorways.

Netizens left joking comments on the video such as user ‘Rosillo9’ who commented: “Police! This man is going into the wrong direction on a one-way street!”

Another use ‘Montsebastia68’ added: “it is best to deal with these things with humour”.

Pic Shows: Man kayaking down the flooded street

In another video shared online, a huge waterfall can be seen cascading down a set of steps in the same city.

Firemen reported having received around 50 calls from residents between 4 and 4.45 pm, although none of them were for serious incidents and thankfully nobody has been injured.

The Meteorology service of Catalonia say the storm was first hit the county of Garrotxa before moving on to the cities, and was accompanied by a hailstone storm.