Cops Hunt Biker Who Rode With Mattress On Motorway

This is the moment a barmy biker rides along the motorway with a large mattress balancing on his scooter.

The incident took place in the northern Gran Canarian capital Las Palmas in the Spanish Canary Islands.

Civil Guard officials have confirmed that are trying to track down the biker after video footage of him riding recklessly on the motorway appeared on social media.

Pic shows: The man carrying a mattress on his motorcycle

If convicted, he may receive a 500 EUR (440 GBP) fine and six points on his licence.

A Facebook post with footage of the barmy biker has been viewed by 90,000 people and shared by thousands of others.

In the video, the motorcyclist is seen with his legs to the side of the scooter to make room for the mattress, balanced between the footrest and the handlebars.

Wearing shorts and a T-shirt, the biker heads towards the city centre with the mattress balancing on its side.

The man, who presumably had no other alternative method for transporting the large item, was roundly criticised by netizens.

‘Montse Delgado Almeida’ commented: “So he is going to be fined? What an idiot, it would have been cheaper for him to rent an appropriate vehicle or pay for home delivery!”

‘Loanna Constantin’ said: “How risky! Only in the Canary Islands.”

‘Ismael Gonzalez Ojeda’ joked: “Maybe it is a new form of motorbike airbag?”