Airlines Party Plane To Tomorrowland With In-Air DJ

Brussels airlines have turned one of their planes into an airborne club with an on-board DJ, glow sticks and an in-flight chef to fly passengers to the world-famous electronic festival Tommorrowland.

The Airbus A320 aeroplane, named Amare, was even painted with a special festival design including a huge purple eagle.

The plane picked up the 180 party-loving passengers from the Balearic Island of Ibiza off the eastern Spanish coast.

The plane flew them directly to the Belgian town of Boom, to attend Tomorrowland, one of the world’s largest and most popular electronic music festivals which begins today (Friday) and spans over two weekends and usually sells out in minutes.

A video taken during a flight shows the passengers dancing wildly as a DJ Lady S works the decks from the front on the plane.

Pic shows: The DJ playing music inside the airplane

The Tomorrowland hymn, by German composer and music producer Hans Zimmer, was reportedly played as travellers boarded the flight.

The plane even includes special mood lighting to give it a more party feel and the lights even go fully out at one point, so the only thing that can be seen are the glow-sticks being waved around by the festival-goers.

There were safety measures in place according to an airline spokesman who said that passengers had to remain in their seats to dance and were not allowed to stand up.

Pic shows: The plane for the major festival seen from outside

The spokesperson told local media that two extra flight attendants were required to enforce the fasten seat belts policy, as some passengers could not resist trying to dance in the aisle.

One American tourist aboard the flight said she still managed to strut her stuff even while seated.

She said: “You got your glow sticks, you got your arm moves, you got your ‘fist pumps’, and you just go for it.”

Chef and patissier Roger van Damme cooked Belgian waffles aboard the flight to treat the passengers to a mid-flight snack.

The party flight was offered as a one-off included in a special festival package to bring revellers from several European party spots to

Depending on the amount of stops, a party flight package cost the festival-goers 2,500 EUR (2,238 GBP).

The festival is famous for its lavishly-themed decors which are changed every year. Brussels Airlines has three other themed aeroplanes including a Trident’s Red Devil design in homage to the Belgian national football team and a plane called Rackham which is themed on comic character TinTin.