Viral Prank On Sleeping Beauty In Car Passenger Seat

Spanish cops have used this viral video of a young Taiwanese woman left
trapped in the passenger foot well of a car during an emergency stop as an
advert for using a seat belt.

The original video was apparently shot in Taiwan where the young woman
appears to be sleeping with her long legs on the dashboard of the car. She
is not wearing a seat belt.

It looks as if the driver of the car is filming her, and either fails to
notice an obstruction in front forcing him to stop suddenly, or deliberately
breaks as a joke.

Either way, the unexpectedly sharp stop causes the woman to slide forward on
her back, with her backside disappearing into the foot well of the vehicle
and her legs and arms flailing above her head.

The video which shows her appealing to the man to help her out of her
predicament has been shared almost 10 million times, and has now been issued
to the public by Spanish police to encourage people to use seat belts.

The video was first posted online by a Japanese user who said it originated
in Taiwan.

The footage has certainly attracted a lot of attention, including one who
said: “I would be tempted to do that too if someone was sitting like that
while I was driving.”

Another added: “I’ve been watching this on repeat and it makes me laugh
every time!”

Almost everyone found the video hilarious, and noted that it was the woman’s
own fault for not wearing a seatbelt regardless of whether the driver had
slammed on the brakes deliberately or not.

Interestingly the subject of not wearing a seatbelt and having legs on the
dashboard featured in episode of the TV series “Mythbusters” which showed
putting feet on the dashboard could result in serious injury in the event of
a crash especially if airbags were deployed.