Majorca Shaman Drugs And Sexually Abuses Women

A ‘shaman’ has been arrested in Majorca for giving women methamphetamine
mixed with water and sugar and which he called “love water” before sexually
abusing them.

The 52-year-old suspect was arrested on the Spanish Balearic island of
Majorca and is alleged to have performed drug-fuelled rituals across Spain.

Investigators believe the suspect gave his clients “love water” without them
knowing it contained methamphetamine and he offered the substance for free
the first time before charging after that.

Several of the man’s clients reported feeling unwell after meditation
sessions and one reportedly suffered partial paralysis and was found to have
traces of methamphetamine in their body, according to reports.

The ‘shaman’ reportedly claimed to have learnt rituals and techniques in
South America and offered to help people with their love life.

At least three women told investigators that they had been touched in
intimate areas by the suspect after having drunk “love water”.

The suspect was arrested without bail for sexual abuse, participating in a
criminal group and crimes against public health.


In the video, the ‘shaman’ can be seen being led into the back of a car by a

His wife was also arrested on suspicion of fraud but she has since been
released, according to reports.

The man is also suspected of carrying out sessions in the Spanish provinces
of Alicante and Barcelona and investigators believe the suspect had moved
around the whole of Spain offering ‘meditation’ sessions.

Methamphetamine, also known as meth, is a potent central nervous system
stimulant that is mainly used as a recreational drug. It has become
increasingly popular over the last few years, with popular TV series
Breaking Bad often cited as a cause for its resurgence.