Cops Catch Bad Guy By Accident During Raid

These images shows cops raiding a home in Spain to arrest suspected drug
dealers and they even nabbed another wanted criminal by accident who made
headlines for busting out of hospital.

Authorities found Samuel Crespo alias 'Samuelito' by chance when raiding a
home in Cadiz, an ancient port city in the Andalusia region of south-western

The alleged drug trafficker was initially arrested on 6th February after he
was injured during a car chase with cops.

Gang members reportedly broke him out of the hospital he was being held at,
and he has been on the run ever since.

According to local media, the suspect and two arresting officers were in the
hospital waiting room when several SUVs suddenly pulled up outside.

Around 20 masked gang members had entered the Hospital La Linea de la
Concepcion and rescued Crespo.

The armed guards did not use their guns in order to "prevent the situation
from turning into a drama," according to a statement by local authorities.

Police then launched an extensive search operation to recapture the suspect
and locate his colleagues.

Crespo has been hiding out with family and gang members for the past five
months, according to local media.

Officers believe he may have also spent some time in Morocco, but found him
by accident in Cadiz.

In an unrelated case, cops raided a home believed to belong to a hashish
trafficker. During the operation, they handcuffed all the inhabitants and to
their surprise one of the men turned out to be Crespo.

Later the same day, police arrested seven suspected gang members believed to
have been involved with Crespo's hospital rescue.

The investigation continues.